Aapka Dabba foundation:

Home cooked food served best was our message to the world.

Imagine a hard day at work, but you never made lunch that day, also the food that you had in lunch was not from a restaurant, in fact was a home cooked food served best by Aapka Dabba. 

Wish my life could be so sorted when I started working earlier, unhygienic canteens and tasteless food, Felt like slow death. This lack of home cooked food made us an opportunity to serve you quality food.


Dal, roti sabjhi, raita or be it fitness meal box, everything made of 100% best ingredients guaranteed. 

Core values of Aapka Dabba


Supporting local farmers.

We at Aapka Dabba, are committed to buy fresh produce everyday from our local farmers, thus supporting their livelihood with best local fresh vegetables for your meals. 


Employ women. Educate women.

We at Aapka Dabba, are committed to employ the women and educate them, also to make sure that best home cooked is served by them to you.



Sustainability is the most important aspect of our firm and we use stainless steel dabbas and ensure that most resources are reusable or by any ways supports our mother earth in best terms.

Safe hands

All our employees wash their hands, and keep everything sanitised. We also wear masks and ensure at most care taken for food cooked.


All vegetables and edibles are well organised and washed or properly treated before using them.


All our fitness meals are customised and individually ensured to make you healthy and give the best taste.

Home Food, Served Best.

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“Nothing beats a

home made cooked